They’re one of Marvel Comics’ oldest couples, going back to Fantastic Four #8 in 1962. We’re talking about the romance of Benjamin J. Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing, and the blind sculptress Alicia Masters.

Well, the pair are finally going to tie the knot, and with Reed and Susan Richards finally back from their adventures across the multiverse, this will be a wedding the entire Fantastic Four family can attend. According to the folks at Marvel, this wedding will definitely have the happy couple saying “I do!” So take that, Kitty Pryde and Colossus, and Batman and Catwoman. Not all superheroes chicken out at the altar.

Coming this December,  the creative team of Dan Slott and Esad Ribic will be joined by Aaron Kuder and superstar artists Adam Hughes and Michael Allred for a special 650th  issue spectacular, featuring the untold tale of Alicia and Ben’s courtship. In a statement from Kuder, he said “There are a handful of comic titles that demand respect due to their history. Titles that have influenced generations of fans and creators alike…Fantastic Four is definitely one of the biggest. It is truly an honor on that basis alone.”

Executive Editor Tom Breevort added his own excitement, saying “It’s been a long time in coming—more than 55 years!—but Ben and Alicia are finally tying the knot!” The big wedding issue will feature a bachelor party that only Johnny Storm could throw and many more surprises that it can only mean it’s a wedding celebrated in the Mighty Marvel Manner.

Speaking of Johnny Storm, this won’t be the first time there’s been a wedding in the pages of Fantastic Four featuring Alicia Masters and a member of the team. See, when the Thing left Earth once, supposedly never to return, Johnny started dating his buddy Ben’s former girlfriend, and Johnny and Alicia actually got married. When the Thing came back, you can imagine he was not to pleased that Johnny had totally broken bro code and married the love of his life, and somehow didn’t kick his scorched ass all the way to Latveria. As it eventually turned out though, the Alicia that Johnny married was actually a Skrull named Lyja, and the real Alica was in suspended animation somewhere, and still in love with Ben. So it all worked out. Still, this should make for awkward conversation at the wedding reception for sure.

Ben and Alicia say their vows this December, when Fantastic Four #5 hits comic shops everywhere.

Are you excited to see these two Marvel icons finally take the plunge? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Marvel Comics