I don’t know how anyone with kids manages to survive dinner every night. And making it through a whole weekend with little ones sounds absolutely exhausting. So I really have no clue how parents are dealing with COVID-19 quarantine. How do you keep children entertained 24 hours a day, day after day, when you a) can’t really leave your house and b) don’t know when this will end? I’d imagine there’s a lot of TV watching. But even that has its limits. If you started watching every single episode of The Simpsons when social distancing started, amazingly you’d actually be done by now. But since sitting around isn’t good for kids or adults, one family decided to turn television into a physical activity. They recreated The Simpsons iconic opening sequence.

And they gave it a quarantine-appropriate ending.

Joel Sutherland and his family made their very own live-action version of The Simpsons frantic opening title sequence (which we first heard about at io9). It hits all the major moments, and features an original, perfect quarantine ending, as the family refuses to high five.

Joel Sutherland explained where the idea to do this came from:

“Our kids were bored after four weeks of social isolation. My wife and I cleaned the basement and wondered what we should do with our old Simpsons Halloween costumes. One of these problems solved the other. The end result was this video.”

Family Recreates THE SIMPSONS Opening Title Sequence_1Joel Sutherland

This social distancing-safe video, filmed at and near the Sutherland family home away from others, is the perfect example of “necessity” being “the mother of invention.” In this case the necessity was not going insane while also making sure your kids have something to do. But this also helped us as well. Maggie popping out of the grocery bag is exactly the food our souls need right now.

Plus we need all the fun videos we can get right now. Even three decades of The Simpsons isn’t enough to pass all the time we have these days. It makes me wish I had some kids running around to fill the time. No, I’m just kidding. I don’t know how any parents are doing it. At least not without Simpsons costumes.

Featured Image: Joel Sutherland