Have you always wanted to drink one of the most famous fictional beverages in video game history, but without having to live in a wasteland to try it? If you said “yes” (and why wouldn’t you?) then this is a very good day. Fallout fans don’t have to wait for nuclear war to enjoy a refreshing dystopian drink. Jones Soda has is celebrating the upcoming Prime Video series with a special Nuka-Cola Victory release, making Fallout‘s Nuka-Cola Victory a real beverage.

A pink Nuka Cola Victory bottle against a blue background split with a poster for Prime Video's Fallout showing a vault dweller in blue standing in an open circle door
Jones Soda Co./Prime Video

Nuka-Cola has arrived in the real world 20 years before its fictional counterpart. Instead of the Nuka-Cola Corporation, it’s Jones Soda Co. bringing the soda to thirsty vault dwellers and mutants alike. What does a fictional libation taste like? Here’s how the beverage company describes the limited Victory release:

Whether you’re facing off against wastelanders or wandering the post-apocalyptic ruins, you’ll need a tasty refreshment to keep you going. To celebrate the series premiere of Fallout on Prime Video, we invite you to enjoy a Nuka-Cola Victory SPECIAL RELEASE from Jones Soda! This peach mango soda is the ultimate thirst-quenching flavor for any Fallout fanatic.

Jones Soda Co.

Four packs of 12-ounce Nuka-Cola sodas are available at Jones Soda’s website for $24.99, but the initial offering sold out immediately. That’s no surprise considering it’s based on a wildly popular video game franchise about to get a highly-anticipated TV series. But don’t despair! The world has not ended yet. The company has already said it is “working on restocking online asap!” In the meantime Jones Soda is warning customers who already ordered theirs to anticipate a two-week shipping delay due to the overwhelming response.

That’s still enough time to for some Fallout fans to have a bottle of Nuke-Cola Victory in their hands when the Prime Video series debuts on April 12, 2024. No matter how good this fictional-drink-turned-real actually tastes, we really hope its bottle caps don’t become currency someday. We want the to try this soda without living in a dystopian wasteland.