Walton Goggin’s Ghoul on Prime Video’s Fallout series is already one of our favorite characters ever. Now Bethesda Game Studios will let us experience what it’s like to live as him. The studio is finally giving gamers something they’ve long wanted. In early 2025 a new Fallout 76 expansion will let fans finally play a main series game as a ghoul.

Fallout 76‘s upcoming Skyline Valley expansion will do more than just make the game’s map bigger. It will also allow players who reach Level 50 to play as a ghoul. Previously that was only possible in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and Fallout Tactics.

The game’s creative director Jonathan Rush told IGN that will mean players won’t have to worry about radiation. In fact, in true ghoul fashion, radiation will actually heal them. (As could the TV show’s yellow ghoul potion, which Rush teased could show up in the game.)

A ghoul with a yellow neck tie in Fallout 76
Bethesda Softworks

That will be just one of the “dozens of ghoul-specific perk cards” coming to the game. And without a need for Power Armor, ghouls will have other advantages a human character doesn’t.

Of course, the biggest advantage is for actual humans. We’ll now get to experience the wasteland the way Fallout‘s The Ghoul does.