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Fake Pokemons, Grandma Snipers, And Other Things Internet Loved This Week

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The Internet is a wonderful place full of hot takes and instant reactions. And while we all know Pokemon GO was a big hit this week, the internet had plenty of other news to react to. Here’s a round up of what the internet went nuts about this week.

If you haven’t heard of Ana, she’s Overwatch‘s badass sniper mom and we’re obsessed. Well, the whole internet is obsessed actually so, of course, memes of Ana’s over-protective mom-ness have popped up all over. Here are a few great ones we saw this weekend.


Star Wars Celebration was certainly on everyone’s minds this week. Fans were especially excited for any sort of Rogue One news. And while there was a new Rogue One trailer shown at SWCE, it wasn’t released publicly. There was also new Rogue One footage released, but not the “trailer” expected. So disappointed people took to the internet to express their feelings.



With Pokemon madness reaching peak, the release of a new adorable Pokemon named Mimicyu is pretty exciting. He might even look a little familiar to you, well here’s why. Mimicyu knows that everyone loves Pikachu and “wants to be loved by people like Pikachu is”. Come on, that’s pretty adorable. The internet took hold of this and has already made loads of fan art featuring Mimicyu.



This weekend the new Ghostbusters film comes out and the internet is continuing to go nuts about it. But this particular moment at the premiere has everyone a little teary-eyed.


Oh and everyone is in love with Kate McKinnon now.



And of course, Pokemon GO has been wreaking havoc IRL this week. So here are a few “too real” pieces of art the internet made that every Pokemon Trainer will understand.



What do you think the internet will fall in love with this week? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @pizzicatofuse

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