Ezra Miller Cosplayed as Sexy Toadette at Comic-Con

Every year San Diego Comic-Con offers a cornucopia of incredibly talented and dedicated cosplayers for attendees to marvel at, but it’s not just fans who get in on the fun. Celebrities have been known to show up incognito on the exhibition floor, although some are far more open about their love for costuming, like Ezra Miller, who showed up for his third straight Con in an amazing get-up. And this year was his best–and also his sexiest–as he appeared as a very adult Toadette.

While most of the cast of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald  showed up for the film’s Hall H panel dressed in normal clothes (save for a surprise/disappointing appearance of Johnny Depp in costume as his character, the dark wizard Grindelwald), Miller appeared on stage in front of thousands of fans as Toadette from Super Mario Bros. That alone would make for one of our favorite costumes in San Diego this year, because Toadette is definitely on the more obscure side. But it’s even more exciting because he upped his getup considerably. Instead of including Toadette’s pink dress, he wore a mushroom head with her pink vest (we imagine the real Toadette has slightly less chest hair), a scarf with pink balls, and pink fishnet stockings.

Told you. World’s sexiest Toadette.

Miller has a history of doing this at Comic-Con, though he’s covered up far more before. Last year he showed up as Full Metal Alchemist‘s Edward Elric.

And in 2016 at his first SDCC he dressed as a young, hip Gandalf.

Whether his costume is sexy or not, at this point it’s clear that Ezra Miller sure is a fun-gi.

What costume would you love to see him wear next year? Give us your bets ideas in the comments below.

Featured Image: Oscilloscope Laboratories

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