Everything We Know About WONDER WOMAN 1984 So Far

Wonder Woman made an Amazonian-sized splash when it was released in summer 2017.

Fans responded warmly to the DC Comics movie, embracing Gal Gadot‘s Diana Prince and her journey into the world of humans. From Themyscira to the trenches of World War I, Diana fought to see the beauty in those around her and to save the planet from Ares, the god of war. She learned much about good and evil and hope, and even though she lost someone close to her, she kept fighting. And we can’t wait to see more of that in the film’s sequel.

So what exactly will we see in the sequel? Let’s look at everything we know about Wonder Woman 1984 so far. Bookmark this page and check back for updates.

Title and Release Date

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to arrive in movie theaters on November 1, 2019.

Director and Writers

Patty Jenkins has returned to the world of Wonder Woman to direct the sequel. She co-wrote the script with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham.


“Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing an all-new foe: The Cheetah.” That’s Warner Bros.’ official description for Wonder Woman 1984, set in—you guessed it—1984. That puts the movie in the thick of the Cold War. During an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, Jenkins said, “Eras are important.” She thinks 1984 was a time when humankind was at its best and its worst; she wanted “to see Wonder Woman at a time that’s pretty much us at our most extreme. Everything we were doing right then, we thought would go on forever.”

Returning Cast

A Wonder Woman movie wouldn’t exist without Wonder Woman, so obviously Gal Gadot is back as Diana Prince. We don’t know much about her life in the ‘80s, except that she occasionally rocks shoulder pads according to the above picture. Her Wonder Woman costume seems to be a little brighter, too. We know from a scene shown at Comic-Con that she’s still helping humanity.

She’s not the only person coming back. Chris Pine will be costarring as Steve Trevor…somehow. He definitely died at the end of the first Wonder Woman, set some 60 years earlier than Wonder Woman 1984, but he’s here and wearing a track suit. Why? How? It is a comic book movie, so it’s not completely impossible.

New Cast Members

Kristen Wiig was the first new cast member announced for Wonder Woman ’84. She’s portraying Barbara Ann Minerva, a.k.a. Cheetah. The character is both a friend and enemy to Diana in the comics, and it’s looking she’ll be both in the upcoming film.

Pedro Pascal is part of the Wonder Woman 1984 cast, too. We don’t know who he’s playing yet, but this photo Jenkins shared of him is definitely, as they say, a Look.

One more for now. The Hindu confirms Soundarya Sharma is also part of the cast. Sharma said, “It’s exhilarating to be a part of such a larger than life character film where you get to play your dream role.” Given her quote, it sounds like she has a sizable part.

Images: Warner Bros.

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