Everything Coming to AMAZON in October

Welcome to our new look Everything Coming to Streaming column where each month we’ll run down the best of what’s hitting your fave streaming channel! This month Amazon is offering up some silent classics, spooky sci-fi, and intense crime thrillers.

Kill Chain
Nicolas Cage in Mandy

XYZ Films

Ever felt like there aren’t enough Nic Cage movies? Nah, us neither. Luckily for big Nic Cage lovers, the actor makes a million films a year and Amazon has his newest offering just in time for October. Kill Chain is a noir detective film that centers on “three strangers’ lives as they inevitably become entangled in a conflict none of them are prepared for.” We’re even more excited about this film as that sentence is literally the only thing that has ever been released about this Cage actioner since the film was announced. The movie is so secretive that it’s joining Amazon this month and hasn’t even got a poster or official image!

High Life
Robert Pattinson in High Life


Claire Denis’ return to genre fare is nothing less than spectacular. This meditation on family, fatherhood, magic, and space is a surreal sci-fi adventure which showcases why Robert Pattinson is one of the best actors working today and why Denis should be far better known than she is. Amazon has recently done a great job of making arthouse releases accessible and hopefully, High Life will find an even greater audience when it hits next month.

The Great Gabbo
The Great Gabbo

Something fun that Amazon is doing this month is adding a selection of silent films from the 1920s. Our pick of those is the creepy ventriloquist flick which centers on the titular puppeteer and his descent into madness. This atmospheric black and white oddity established a lot of the horror tropes that we connect to stories about the weird dummies and is definitely worth a watch if you want a totally different streaming experience.

Killing Zoe
killing zoe promo image

October Films

There are slim pickings for new content on Amazon Video this month but they are adding a couple of classics one of which is this cult ’90s crime flick. Directed by Roger Avary and starring Julie Delpy and Eric Stoltz this caper centers on a doomed bank heist and despite being set in Paris was filmed completely in LA. A fun throwback this is a solid but silly crime thriller if you’re into that sort of thing.

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