Released shortly after a brand new poster on Tuesday morning, the latest Detective Pikachu trailer has arrived and it is full of more twists, turns, and explosive surprises than a Weezing using self-destruct in the middle of a labyrinth.

If you thought the poster contained a metric ton of Pokémon and some unexpected reveals, then buckle up, because this Detective Pikachu trailer gets wild.

We spotted more than 40 different Pokémon in this trailer, some of whom we have seen before, some of whom are brand new. And yes, if this morning’s poster reveal had us Machamping at the bit to see Mewtwo in action, then—SPOILER ALERT—this trailer delivers big time. Here’s every Pokémon we found.
Pikachu (of course)
Every Pokémon We Spotted in the DETECTIVE PIKACHU Trailer_1

The trailer opens with narration from Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) himself, bringing us up to speed on his amnesia, his missing partner, and why he’s now in Tim Goodman’s (Justice Smith) apartment.


It’s a little hard to see, but a Squirtle walks the streets of Ryme City at night.


These adorable Electric/Bug-type Pokemon can be seen on wires outside of a brick building with a sign that looks suspiciously like the word “Oak.” Is it a sly reference to Professor Oak? I hope so!


Part pineapple, part duck, all barista. Ludicolo is a frontrunner for my new favorite Pokémon based on his standout trailer moment at the coffee shop.


We already knew that Charizard would be throwing down against Detective Pikachu thanks to the previous trailer ( which we also did a Pokécount for!), and here we get a nice close-up look at him with his owner Sebastian (Omar Chaparro).

This trailer gave us a better look at his eyes during the fight sequence, which are glowing a mysterious shade of purple and seem to be causing some major aggression. Our theory is that this is connected to Mewtwo and the mysterious lab they keep cutting to.

Growlithe, Arcanine, Charmander, Golurk, Audino, and Kingler

It seems that Growlithes and their evolved form, Arcanines, are the K-9 units of Ryme City, while imposing and golem-like Golurks stand sentry outside of Ryme City Police Department. And, of course, there’s a Charmander and Squirtle about to cross paths. It also looks like there’s an Audino behind the police car and a Kingler behind the Arcanine on the righthand side.

Machamp, Snorlax, Pancham, Pangoro, Jigglypuff, and Emolga

Briefly seen doing what it does best, Snorlax is straight-up blocking traffic and ruining Ryme City dwellers’ commutes. Thankfully, Machamp is there to lend a helping hand or four and direct vehicles around this big, sleepy doofus. There’s also a Pancham in the middle of the background, what looks like a Pangoro in the deep background right above it, an Emolga on the bus stop above Snorlax, and a Jigglypuff in the back right.


Everyone’s favorite frowning Fairy-type bulldog Pokémon Snubbull also makes an appearance.


Much like Diego Luna wants to touch Jabba the Hutt, I want to touch Bulbasaur.


Meanwhile, IRL Lickitung makes me want to die.


Joining this murder of Bulbasaur are a whole slew of Morelull, the floating mushroom-looking things. Also looks like Pikachu is injured or taking a much-needed nap in Tim’s arms.


It’s a little blurry in the trailer, but in this overhead shot, we can see a Comfey floating past.


Intrepid investigative reporter Lucy (Kathryn Stevens) is seen here investigating that mysterious Pokémon lab with her ever-present Psyduck that she wears in a Baby Bjorn.


In a shot straight out of a horror movie, a Greninja claws its way out of a freshly opened containment pod right behind Lucy and Psyduck.

As we see later, they’re real bastards.

Pidgeot and Octillery

The evolved forms of Pidgey and Remoraid can both be seen towards the bottom of the screen as a throng of people try to get into whatever night club/fight club exists in Ryme City.


A bunch of Loudred are getting hyphy as heck at the DJ booth for this underground Pokémon fighting arena.

Blastoise, Gengar, and Magikarp

While Blastoise throws down with Gengar (using Double Team like a coward), we see Magikarp floating beneath the DJ booth in an aquarium. Don’t worry, you’ll grow up one day, li’l guy!


Emerging from a freshly thrown Pokéball is Cubone, the adorable skull-wearing, bone-wielding Pokémon. Since he came out of a Pokéball, this must be taking place outside of Ryme City.

Eevee, Flareon, Dialga, Arceus, and Palkia

Next up, we witness an Eeveelution as an Eevee evolves into a Flareon in front of three statues of Dialga, Arceus, and Palkia.


Note to self: don’t feed an Apom after midnight. And don’t give it whatever is causing it to have terrifying purple eyes.

Rattata, Treecko, and Rufflet

In the audience for Pikachu’s big fight, we see some familiar faces like Charmander and Pancham, as well as some Pokémon making their first appearance in the trailer, a Rattata in the lower-left, a Treecko in the upper-right, and a Rufflet on the far-right.


In this wide shot, we see Pikachu front-and-center with an audience watching him. In the background, you can spot Pancham, Jigglypuff, Lickitung, Audino, Octillery, Squirtle, Growlithe, Treecko, and even what looks like a Slaking to the right of Pikachu!


While Charizard unleashes a torrent of flames in the arena, a Braviary squawks triumphantly behind him.


It’s a little hard to make out, but if you look to Charizard’s left, you can see what looks like a Sneasel watching on.


After months of teasing and fans furiously theorizing about Mewtwo’s inclusion in the movie, Detective Pikachu confirmed that the legendary Pokémon will play a major part in the movie. The trailer teases us throughout with shots of a highly advanced laboratory where Mewtwo was presumably created. And Nerdist News has already delved deep into what the trailer tells us about this powerful Psychic-type:

Mr. Mime

That’s right, everyone’s favorite physical theatre-type Pokémon is back with another unexpectedly hilarious bit. Mr. Mime appears at the very end to remind us why you should always wear a helmet.

Did you spot any Pokémon that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Detective Pikachu opens on May 10, 2019.

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