Doctor Who is back. We love to see romps through space and time with the Doctor, his companion(s), and the TARDIS, and this season will certainly give us all of that. But that’s not the only reason we are happy about season 1. Ncuti Gatwa, who is one of the most stylish men on Earth, is playing our beloved Doctor and he’s not shy about using the TARDIS closet. We’ve already seen quite a few photos of Fifteen and Ruby Sunday in some sweet threads. So, in honor of his impeccable fashion sense, here’s every single outfit that Ncuti Gatwa wears in Doctor Who

“The Giggle” 

Like many Doctors, the first outfit we see Ncuti Gatwa in is his predecessor’s clothing. But, unlike previous Doctors, their bigeneration means he is only wearing the top half of the outfit. Fifteen wants to know what the hell is going on while wearing a white shirt, a patterned tie, white undies, and hi-top Chuck Taylors. He doesn’t even bother to change clothes before he pops off for new adventures.

“The Church on Ruby Road” 

Fifteenth Doctor holding his sonic screwdriver near his eyebrow

At the beginning of the episode, we see Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor wearing that brown jacket and the striped shirt (with some chest peeking out) from several promo pics. It’s a shot from the waist up, so we don’t get the full outfit until later in the episode, which also includes blue trousers and his very cool trainers (sneakers for us American folks). Even as his outfits change, he wears an assortment of necklaces and rings to really accent things. Ncuti told us that Ralph Lauren’s HBCU line as well as his own style will influence the Doctor’s looks, which is very cool. 

The Doctor wears a few outfits while keeping an eye on Ruby before their first proper meeting. His yellow undershirt and kilt are truly a vibe as he twirls on the dance floor. Ruby stares at him and, honestly, we were staring too. When he steps outside, we get to see his black leather jacket and boots that really complete the outfit. 

We also see him watching her play the piano while wearing a brown and black plaid suit, an orange sweater, and a cowboy hat. We need him to bring that look back and put Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter on his jukebox right now.


At the end of the episode, he’s changed his shirt to a grey zipup sweater with colorful stripes! Still looking fly.

“Space Babies”

There’s no costume changes for this one. He keeps the look from the end of the Christmas special for their first space adventure. 


“The Devil’s Chord”

This Doctor Who episode starts with Ncuti Gatwa wearing a very casual street outfit: an orange short sleeved button down shirt, Levi Jeans, his trainers, and a blue belt.

BBC Studios/Bad Wolf Studios/Disney+

But, Ruby brings up the very valid point of them changing clothes and he makes a change. That blue pinstriped suit is the business. It’s giving Temptations! Also, is the Doctor wearing a wig and faux sideburns with that suit? Yes, he is.


BBC/Bad Wolf Studios/Disney+

“Boom” is quite the explosive episode, even with the Doctor mostly stuck on a landmine. But, at least Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who outfits continue to be on point. He’s wearing a black jacket over a white shirt with a nice pair of tan trousers. His boots are also the business. Love to see it.

“73 Yards”

BBC Studios/Bad Wolf Studios/Disney+

The Fifteenth Doctor was only in this episode for a matter of minutes. (Here’s an explanation of why.) But whew is Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who outfit so good in this one. The orange coat, striped shirt, and the reddish orange beanie are all a vibe.

“Dot and Bubble”

BBC Studios/Bad Wolf Studios/Disney+

We don’t physically see the Doctor much in this episode but he does a repeat of his orange sweater and brown plaid suit. When he appears on Lindy’s screen, he loses the jacket for a better look at his sweater.

Originally published May 10, 2024.

We can’t wait to see all his other outfits in motion during this season.