Being a witch in this modern age can come with challenges. That is particularly true for Amelia Aierwood. She’s part of a family of famous witches and the pressure is on. Everyone wants her to step up her game and do some real magic. Then the Aierwood family gets a reality TV deal and things escalate. This charming and very relatable story comes from the mind of Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek). She wrote Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch with Eliot Rahal; it features art by Kristen Gudsnuk and Ames Liu. Today, Nerdist has an exclusive preview of the Z2 Comics title, and it introduces Amelia and her incredible Jell-O pool.

Amelia sits upside down on the couch with 2 cats on the cover of Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch
Z2 Comics/Caitlin Rose Boyle

Amelia Aierwood’s a late bloomer who hasn’t yet found her calling. Magical abilities aside, we get it. Hampshire told Nerdist, “In making this comic book, it’s as if I got the opportunity to go back and tell my younger self, ‘That thing you think is wrong with you, whatever you’re trying to hide and fix and overcompensate for—THAT’S your magic!’ To think that Amelia might inspire some kid to fully be and love themself, not in spite of, but BECAUSE of their differences, is everything to me.”

Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch tells the story of discovering yourself. The synopsis says:

AMELIA AIERWOOD: Basic Witch follows the least-favorite daughter of L.A.’s most famous family of witches, the Aierwoods. Amelia’s sisters have all followed in the footsteps of their prominent parents but everything Amelia does is just a little… off-brand. A late bloomer who has yet to find her calling, Amelia uses her powers for mostly mundane problems but even those lead to magical misfires. As her family’s fame continues to rise, they have no choice but to exclude their bumbling black-sheep daughter from the next great chapter of the Aierwoods – reality TV! With the help of her adopted brother Spaghetti – who she accidentally turned into a yeti… long story – Amelia must carve her own path outside of her family’s influence.

Now, flip through these preview pages and get a look at that Jell-O pool.

Hampshire said, “I love the limitless canvas of the comic book medium. I’ve imagined swimming in a Jell-O pool since I first saw it jiggle. The way Eliot (Rahal) and the art team of Kristen, Ames, Jarrett, and Fred brought every impossible dream of mine to life on the page was… well, MAGICAL!”

We agree that a pool of Jell-O is magical and also tasty.

Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch hits shelves on April 11. You can place a preorder now.