Fear is the mind killer. Unless you live on Sesame Street and have one of the world’s most famous giggles. Then a small rock is the mind killer. But it doesn’t matter what planet or neighborhood you come from, everyone should cower before the Bene Gesserit. That’s true whether you’re the future Kwisatz Haderach or a beloved puppet. And you can see why in this fan-made Dune crossover video that replaces Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides with Elmo.

The YouTube channel Sesame Swap asked a question everyone was thinking about: “What if Elmo faced the gom jabbar?” And the answer is the mean space witch has very little tolerance for his childish antics. Not because Elmo’s mother ignored their instructions and gave birth to a son, though. The Reverend Mother was likely salty before the test even started. Elmo absolutely burned her when he asked, “Why do you have a blanket on your face?” (Another important question that demands answers in Dune: Part 2.)

This video’s Elmo only adds to the silliness of the scene. It stars an uncanny valley/Times Square version of the iconic Sesame Street character. Elmo’s voice also leaves a little something to be desired. He sounds like the person playing him read a description of Elmo’s voice without ever actually hearing it. The whole thing makes you wonder whether Lady Jessica’s son really is the Lisan al-Gaib the Fremen of Arrakis are looking for. Because this Elmo gives off major false messiah vibes. And the last thing the galaxy needs is a religious war led by a fraud.

Sesame Street's Elmo undergoes the Gom Jabbar test from Dune
Sesame Swap

Not that it matters. This knockoff Elmo didn’t survive his test with gom jabbar. He won’t be leaving Caladan or Sesame Street anytime soon. Because while fear is the mind killer, a poison dart jabbed into your neck by a blanket-wearing witch is the entire body killer.