Strangers Things clearly realizes the people love Eddie Munson. We’ve seen Eddie Munson corn mazes, Eddie Munson tribute concerts, and Eddie Munson T-Shirts. Now, fans of Eddie Munson will get a little bit more of Eddie in canon by way of Stranger Things prequel novel. And even though that’s great, we are still waiting for what we truly need Stranger Things to deliver, Eddie Munson alive in season five. It even rhymes. Corroded Coffin can sing a song about it.

Eddie Munson’s Stranger Things Prequel Novel Origin Story

Here’s a little bit more about the Eddie Munson prequel novel via Entertainment Weekly. The origin story for our favorite metalhead will be called Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus. It will detail Eddie’s time before we met him on Stranger Things 4, two years before to be exact. Apparently, the story will focus on Eddie’s quest to achieve his musical dreams and record music with Corroded Coffin. The only trouble is Eddie has no money. And that’s where his dubious dad comes in with scheme. According to the official plot synopsis, “It’s a risk, but if it pays off, he will finally have a one-way ticket out of Hawkins.” Except we know it doesn’t… But we guess we’ll see. We don’t feel confident in the Icarus reference in the title, though. Can someone please give Eddie his due?

Eddie Munson gets a stranger things origin story prequel novel

It must be said that if there is one character who has had origin story after origin story crafted for them in the wide world of fanfiction, it’s Stranger Things‘ Eddie Munson. But this Eddie Munson novel seems like it will give neither Steddie (that’s Steve/Eddie fans, for the uninitiated) nor HellCheer (Chrissy/Eddie) fans the content they hope for. Instead, it seems like someone named Paige is in the picture. Once again, we guess we’ll see.

The Eddie Munson novel is written by Caitlin Schneiderhan, who is currently a part of the Stranger Things 5 writer’s room. It’s not like we’re unhappy to get an Eddie Munson prequel novel, although we’ve already read dozens of stories; it’s that all of this seems to pale in the face of what we do want. Eddie deserved more than his death on Stranger Things 4. And he deserves more than just a prequel novel. So I’ll sign off as I do traditionally for my Eddie Munson beat.

Bring Eddie back, you cowards.

Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus‘s Full Synopsis

Hawkins, Indiana — for most, it’s simply another idyllic, manicured all-American town. But for Eddie Munson it’s like living in a perpetual Tomb of Horrors. Luckily, he only has a few more months to survive at Hawkins High. And what is senior year, really, but just killing time between Dungeons & Dragons sessions with the Hellfire Club and gigs with his band?

It’s at the worst dive bar in town that Eddie meets Paige, someone who has pulled off a freaking miracle. She escaped Hawkins and built a wickedly cool life for herself working for a record producer out in Los Angeles. Not only is she the definition of a badass — with a killer taste in music — she might be the only person that actually appreciates him as the bard he is instead of the devil incarnate. But the best thing? She’s offering a chance for him to make something of himself, and all he needs is to get her a demo tape of Corroded Coffin’s best songs.

Just one problem: Recording costs money. Money Eddie doesn’t have. But he’s willing to do whatever it takes: even if that means relying on his old man, Al Munson. His dad just stumbled back into his life, with another dubious scheme up his sleeve, and yet Eddie knows this is his only option to make enough dough in enough time. It’s a risk, but if it pays off he will finally have a one-way ticket out of Hawkins.

Eddie can feel it: 1984 is going to be his year.