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Roll, Write, and Fight in DUNGEON ACADEMY

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A flip of the dice determines your fate in Dungeon Academy! This unique roll-and-write game for one to six players has a setup complete with a mini dungeon, sixteen dice to populate it, and a map to plot the best course through. Will you and your friends crawl through every level of the dungeon in one piece and make it to graduation?


Choose a character, each complete with their own bright and colorful look, personality, and special abilities. Once you’ve set up the pieces and revealed the dice layout that creates the level of the dungeon, it’s time to chart a path through the obstacles and bonuses. All players simultaneously take out their pads and pencils and start planning your next move as a timer ticks down. You can explore left, right, up, and down, but not diagonally, and only enter each room once, so choose carefully!

Let Becca Scott show you How to Play as you and your fellow students try not to get schooled by the denizens of the dark depths.

Depending on the path you picked, you’ll earn points on your turn. Defeat monsters, use hero and loot cards earned after completing a level, and pick a quest reward of your choice to rack up the points. It will take strategy and a solid plan to survive this dungeon and score as many points as possible, so use your wits to make it to the top of your class.

Dungeon Academy is now available on TheOP website and your favorite local game store at a suggested retail price of $29.95. With a quick playtime, randomized dungeon layouts that you’ll never play through twice, and easy-to-learn rules, this is a fantastic dungeon crawler for your next family game night—or even solo game night!

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