Dragon Size Comparison Shows How Big the Mythical Beasts Are

There’s nothing like a size comparison of stuff from fictional universes to help develop a better sense of their scale. Knowing how big Arrakis from Dune is relative to Pandora from Avatar, for example, will help you get a better sense of both planets’ size. Here, from the same maker of that comparison, MetaBallStudios (MBS), is a new one that looks at dragons. And the fire-breathing beasts literally grow up to astronomical proportions.

MetaBallStudios recently posted the dragon size comparison to his YouTube channel. MBS, a Spanish animator named Alvaro Gracia Montoya, has created numerous other size-comparison videos like this one; looking at everything from a comparison of sci-fi starships to fictional flying vehicles.

In this video, MBS goes for what can only be described as the fiery heart of fantasy: dragons. As usual, the YouTuber starts with the smallest of the small and ends up talking about things so large they’re literally unthinkable. (Our imaginations begin to fail beyond galaxy clusters, anyway.)


The smallest dragon in the video is Azymondias from The Dragon Prince, who only measures about 23 inches tall. From there, MBS looks at successively larger dragons shoulder to shoulder, including a large handful of the most popular dragons from television, books, and movies. Amongst the winged monsters, for example, is Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, Drogon from Game of Thrones, and Ruined Dragon from Super Mario Odyssey. The dragons, incidentally, measure out to 25 feet long, 164 feet long, and 530 feet long respectively.

As for the largest dragons, they put the rest to shame. By a few trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion miles. Probably more trillions than that, but suffice to say, the biggest dragons in this video are Carl Sagan-documentary huge. Aurelion Sol from League of Legends, for example, is large enough to hold the Sun in the palm of his hand. And Super Shenron from Dragon Ball Super is larger than multiple galaxies combined. It’s still possible, however, to imagine dragons (pun!) even larger than our entire universe.


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