Lots of people got new pets during the lockdown. And we all have to keep ourselves amused so the amount of dog content on the internet also seems to increase constantly. Not that we’re complaining. The latest challenge involves getting dogs to jump over painters tape in order to get a treat. Golden retrievers Tucker and Todd took the challenge, with varying results.

The video has captioned content for what the dogs are saying and thinking. Many of which seem judgmental of the owners for setting up the obstacle course in the first place. But hey, there’s not always corgi races on ESPN to amuse us.

Though both goldens are very cute in their bowties, their abilities and energy levels are different. Tucker tapped out at five strips of tape. But he still got his steak by swatting it down with his paw and breaking through. Todd, a younger dog who came skidding around the corner each time, leapt over seven strips of tape. But he came to a screeching halt at the sight of eight.  Their YouTube channel has other amazingly cute dog content, including food reviews and other challenges. 

We saw the video on Laughing Squid, which also led us to a whole series of dogs taking the painter’s tape challenge. Other breeds got in on the action, like the French Bulldogs of Gus Gus In The City in the video above. While some clearly understood the assignment, others had no idea what to make of the tape. Even if a human showed them how to hurdle it.   

A hand offering steak to two golden retrievers on the other side of stripes of blue painters tape, one dog stops while the other jumps over the tape
Tucker Budzyn

None of the dogs, it seems, like to just crash through the tape. It reminds us of other pets respecting imaginary barriers. According to a citizen science project that turned into an internet challenge, cats like boxes so much they will sit inside ones made only of optical illusions or even tape on the ground.

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