This year is a massive one for Doctor Who. The show will celebrate 60 years of wonderful, weird, and sometimes heartbreaking adventures. We are all looking forward to David Tennant returning as the Fourteenth Doctor (wild, right?!), more Donna Noble goodness, another Rose Tyler, and, of course, Ncuti Gatwa’s debut as the Fifteenth Doctor. But it seems the Doctor Who anniversary celebration will span far beyond any special. Thanks to a curious Doctor Who trailer, BBC is giving us Doom’s Day, an adventure being told over several platforms, including books, comics, audio, and even a game. 

In the clip, we meet Doctor Who‘s Doom (Sooz Kempner), the universe’s greatest assassin. Or, so she says. Doom tells us that she will die in 24 hours (like literal Death is chasing her) unless she can locate The Doctor. She says her vortex manipulator sends her a new target each hour, and she’s trying to pick the right targets to get to The Doctor. Doom wants our help, but girl we don’t know anything! Our Gallifreyan hero could be anywhere in space and time. Maybe even eating chips in London. Who knows! But if she doesn’t find The Doctor, then Death will find surely find her. Better get going quickly, Doom.

Doctor Who character Doom from doom's day anniversary story

The Doctor Who Doom’s Day multiplatform story will launch sometime later this year as a standalone series told through Doctor Who Magazine, Titan Comics, Penguin Random House, East Side Games, Big Finish, and BBC Audio. Each medium will create a Doctor Who Doom’s Day adventure focusing on an hour of Doom’s (possibly) final day. And, after the narratives play out, the Doom’s Day finale will be on Doctor Who’s digital channels. It sounds like an interesting time… if you can keep up with it all. More details about this series will come later on.