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This Fun DIY Self-Driving Kit Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

Since self-driving vehicles seem to be the future of transportation, it’s never too soon to begin tickling your child’s imagination and develop AI skills with their very own autonomous vehicle kit. With the limited-time VIP Sale, Nerdist will take 15% off the regular price of this one when you use code VIP15 at checkout.

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It’s probably best for them to tinker with this DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit instead of the Tesla parked in the garage. Recipient of the World Economic Forum’s Smart Toy Award, the Autonomous Vehicle Kit was developed with the support of engineers and designed with developing children’s coding and engineering skills in mind.

This kit is perfect for children between the ages of 8 and 13 who are interested in learning about the technologies that are currently shaping the world and their future. They will explore topics like artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and advanced-level robotic coding. Additionally, it provides a strong foundation for kids to explore sensor technology, automotive engineering, and computer programming through hands-on learning. 

Facilitate your child’s learning process by delivering the wonders of today’s most advanced technologies in an accessible and easy-to-use fashion. They’ll have access to an Arduino-based Twin coding module, DC motors, a proximity sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, jumper cables, a USB data cable, and much more. With the help of a fun guide and the easy-to-use Twinner app, children can use block codes to operate their autonomous cars. See for yourself:


Designed to be compatible with LEGO bricks, the kit empowers kids to unleash their imagination. They can incorporate their own designs into the projector to create an endless number of new, dynamic innovations. 

Benefit from the limited-time savings of the VIP Sale and get the DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit for 15% off when you use code VIP15 at checkout, which drops the final price to $191.24. By purchasing this kit, you will also be contributing to Twin’s Science Movement Campaign. Your donation will deliver science kits to the most disadvantaged rural areas around the globe.

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