There’s no question that these articulating claws are a practical effect. YouTube channel The Q goes through the build step by step. And it’s even more impressive that way. Instead of 3D printing anything, these creepy appendages are made of popsicle sticks. While most hobbyist’s versions wouldn’t come out quite so cleanly, the video is almost enough to make one think they could in fact try this at home. And just in time for Halloween too!

We saw this interesting build thanks to Laughing Squid. It’s not quite clear from the video what the inspiration was behind it. The title is simply “How To Grab Extra.” It shows off the ability to hold a can of soda. But other than that, and looking creepy, there’s not much function. Though it is amazing just how dexterous the claws are. Each joint of each finger moves independently, as demonstrated with some ominous finger strumming. And a thumbs up sign, of course.

Because the claws are only on one hand, it really gives off strong Vecna vibes. Though in Stranger Things, it was Vecna’s left hand that had the long claws. Either way, it’s good to have one regular hand for opening sodas and other tasks that require a lighter touch.

A man in a white shirt holding up his right hand, each finger has a long wooden articulating claw on it
The Q

Other projects from The Q include mind-boggling designs like a steampunk crawling bicycle and other wheel-based builds that look like they should be impossible. There’s also an interesting but perhaps impractical hands-free umbrella. Plus a lot of carboard builds that go way beyond crafts. Most of them have millions of views, proving that over-engineering objects from bikes to candy machines is a popular pastime.

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