Disney Princess Tarot Cards Divine Magic

Art nouveau, Disney princesses, and tarot cards might seem like an unlikely combination, but artist ML “Memo”  Maladrino makes magic happen when she combines the three into unforgettable fan art.

Memo’s Princesses Tarot Deck began with Princess Jasmine as The Chariot in a burst of late night inspiration, she said on Instagram. “I’m planning to make one card from the Major Arcana for each princess according to the meaning of the tarot,” she wrote in the caption.

Memo is putting a lot of thought into which princess to place on each card. Her clean, colorful style not only captures each princess’s personality and feels pure Disney, but also evokes strength and intensity. These princesses don’t need any prince to come to their rescue.

Memo is also including characters outside of the typical Disney Princess movies, like a gorgeous Giselle from Enchanted and Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Vanellope also joined the tarot card ranks, but we can all agree that she’s a real Disney Princess. (Her card in particular feels especially mystical.)

Follow mlm_illustration on Instagram for more tarot cards of your favorite Disney characters, and take a look at her online store for even more stunning artwork inspired by pop culture to add to your collection.

Featured Image: Disney

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