The galaxy can rejoice. At least this time around, the latest Star Wars Disney+ series will not premiere in the dead of night. Disney+ has been famous, or is that infamous, for dropping episodes at midnight Pacific Time/3 am Eastern Time, testing the resolve of even the most ardent fans of Star Wars, Marvel, and more. But the new Ahsoka series will bring about a change in Disney+’s release timing that will hopefully stick around. The show, it turns out, will mark not only the exciting return of Ahsoka and friends, but also an earlier release time that will bring happiness to all. Here’s what we know about Disney+’s change in release strategy.

When Will Ahsoka Series Episodes Release? Here Is the New Time and Day They’ll Drop on Disney+

Per the official Star Wars Twitter, Ahsoka episodes will now release on Tuesdays at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET. What a relief! This change will kick in starting with Ahsoka‘s two-episode premiere on August 22.

This means that fans won’t have to choose between sleep and spoilers. The new Disney+ release strategy also means the episodes will get a more typically “prime time” release schedule, and hopefully that will pay off for both streamer and viewer. Other streamers like Prime Video, Apple TV+, and etc. have already adopted similar strategies, so it’s nice to see Disney+ coming onboard.

Will This Earlier Release Time Apply to Other Disney+ Star Wars and Marvel Shows?

hsoka episodes will now release on Tuesdays at an earlier time than other Disney+ shows. Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka holds up her white lightsaber on her Disney+ series.

To date, every Disney+ series has dropped 12 am PT, so it does seem a change is in the works. But, as of now, Disney+ has only announced an earlier release time for the Star Wars series Ahsoka. (As mentioned, Ahsoka will release on Tuesdays at 6 PM PT.) Hopefully, though, we will see this change in release timing and episode drop strategy apply across the board.

It’s hard to be a hero without a good night’s sleep! Ahsoka will definitely need it as s he takes on some of Star Wars‘ most fearsome villains, and we’ll need it to be with her every step of the way.