Disney+ has found its new epic trio. The streamer has announced its main cast for its upcoming new series adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This trio, of course, consists of Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood. After playing the young version of Ryan Reynolds in Netflix’s time-traveling thriller The Adam Project, Walker Scobell will follow in the footsteps of ancient Greek Gods and play Percy Jackson. Meanwhile, Aryan Simhadri, from Disney’s Spin, and Leah Sava Jeffries, from Empire, will play Percy’s best friends Grover and Annabeth, respectively. The show has also now cast several other demigods and characters that will appear in the Percy Jackson series, including the infamous Luke Castellan.

Percy Jackson’s Casting: The Core Trio // Other Demigods // The Adults and Other Characters

Percy Jackson‘s Core Trio

Disney+'s Percy Jackson and the Olympians has cast its main trio, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover

Forget playing a preteen version of a Hollywood A-lister. Walker Scobell is going to play the son of Poseidon, god of the seas. And at 13, Scobell’s casting as Percy Jackon means he will be much closer to the age of the 12-year-old Percy Jackson in the books. That’s a big change from the previous adaptation of author Rick Riordan’s best-selling book series. Logan Lerman played the titular character in the Percy Jackson movies when Lerman was old enough to fill out college applications. Scobell will still face the same problems all iterations of Percy Jackson must overcome, though. He’ll need to accept his powers after Zeus accuses Percy of stealing his lightning bolt. That charge (pun definitely intended!) sends Percy on a cross-country journey that brings him into contact with other figures of Greek mythology.

For those new to the story, here’s how Disney+ describes its newly cast main character, Percy Jackson:

Percy Jackson is a smart and compassionate kid with a sharp sense of humor. He’s always seen himself as an outsider, in no small part because of how the world sees his ADHD and dyslexia. He’s impulsive and rambunctious and is quick to anger when things seem unfair to him. But beneath his cynicism is an affectionate son and loyal friend who just wants to do right by those he cares about. If only he could find a place where he fits in.

But, of course, Percy couldn’t go on this journey alone. He’d be nowhere without his best friends. And we love the Percy Jackson casting for Grover and Annabeth so much. Like Scobell, Aryan Simhadri and Leah Sava Jeffries look exactly the right age to play their characters. We already know we are going to enjoy watching this trio blossom.

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A release shares more about the newly cast duo who will star in Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

Aryan Simhadri stars as Grover Underwood – a satyr, half boy and half goat, disguised as a 12 year old boy. Grover cares deeply about others and will always choose what is best for them, sometimes at his own expense. Though cautious by nature, he’ll always throw himself into a fight to protect his friends, especially his best friend Percy Jackson.

Leah Sava Jeffries stars as Annabeth Chase. As a true daughter of the Greek goddess Athena, Annabeth is a brilliant strategist with an active and curious mind. After having spent the last five years at Camp Half-Blood, she longs to test her mettle in the human world, of which she barely remembers. She trains Percy to survive the mythological world, and in turn, he helps her connect with her humanity.

We just hope we get to see as much of both Grover and Annabeth as we do Percy. Each one of them gives something to the other, and together they are the heroes we all need.

Other Demigods Cast in the Percy Jackson TV Series

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Percy Jackson And The Olympians has also gotten to work casting some of its demigods, including one of the most eagerly anticipated castings, that of Luke Castellan. Charlie Bushnell will play Luke. Deadline describes the character as “the counselor of the Hermes cabin and the undisputed coolest kid on the block. Luke looks like he’d be more at home with a surfboard than in Greek armor. That doesn’t stop him from being the best swordsman around!” But, of course, fans of the series will know there’s much more to Luke than meets the eye. And it’s not all cool vibes and chill energy.

Also recently cast is the demigod Clarisse La Rue. Dior Goodjohn will play Clarisse. According to Deadline, this character is “a child of Ares and god of war, is a strong-willed and competitive fighter who doesn’t let much stand in the way of her winning. Intensely loyal to her close friends, she’s intimidating to newcomers and a bully to Percy.”

Things are absolutely heating up at Camp Half-Blood.

Percy Jackson‘s Adults and Other Characters


Although the kids are at the core of Percy Jackon‘s world, there’s no doubt the adults are important too. After all, it’s Percy’s mother who drives him on his adventures. And what would the series be without Chiron’s ballpoint pen sword or Gabe’s odiousness? We also can’t wait to see Jason Mantzoukas and Megan Mullally in action, hopefully flexing their comedic (or in Mullally’s case, villainous) muscles.

In the latest news from the series, we have learned who will play several of our more grown-up characters. Virginia Kull will play Sally Jackson. Jason Mantzoukas will play Mr. D/Dionysus, Megan Mullally will play Mrs. Dodds/Alecto, Glynn Turman will play Mr. Brunner/Chiron, and Timm Sharp will play Gabe Ugliano.

No word yet on who will play Percy’s father, the famed Poseidon. But author Rick Riordan notes the casting announcements will come in phases.

Additionally, Olivea Morton will guest star on the series as Nancy Bobofit. According to Deadline,“Nancy always speaks her mind…at the expense of others. Loud, proud, and a teacher’s pet, Nancy gets particular pleasure from picking on Percy.”

More About the Show

Riordan and Jon Steinberg wrote the pilot. Steinberg will also oversee the series with his producing partner Dan Shotz. Production for the show has also now officially begun.

We hope we hear more casting news from Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series very soon.

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