Epic Games found incredible global success in 2017 thanks to the immense popularity of Fortnite. Now, they are taking things to the next level, thanks to a partnership with Disney that lives up to their name. Via The Hollywood Reporter, we’ve learned that The Walt Disney Co. and Epic Games will create a brand new “games and entertainment universe” that brings Disney characters from their various franchises together. In the brief teaser trailer they released, we see characters from Frozen, Star Wars, the Avatar films, Indiana Jones, Pixar, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all in one world. You can watch the brief teaser, which states it’s all coming “soon(ish)” right here:

Here’s what Disney CEO Bob Iger said about the upcoming partnership:

Our exciting new relationship with Epic Games will bring together Disney’s beloved brands and franchises with the hugely popular Fortnite in a transformational new games and entertainment universe. This marks Disney’s biggest entry ever into the world of games and offers significant opportunities for growth and expansion. We can’t wait for fans to experience the Disney stories and worlds they love in groundbreaking new ways.

Early concept art for the Epic Games/Disney collaboration.
Epic Games/The Walt Disney Company

Disney will also invest $1.5 billion to acquire an equity stake in Epic Games alongside this gigantic multi year project. “This will be a world-class game experience, inter-operating with Fortnite,” the statement said. The new “persistent universe” allows consumers to engage with characters from across the Walt Disney Company’s vast library of IP. Players will create their own stories and experiences and share content with each other. And Unreal Engine will power all of this. Disney has already utilized Unreal Engine for the attraction Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Not to mention the games Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Marvel’s Nexus War with Galactus, and Kingdom Hearts 3. We expect a lot more details about this new venture over the coming months.