Andor‘s second season will pose an interesting dilemma for fans. It will be the show’s last, as it will lead directly into the events of Rogue One and the conclusion of Cassian’s story. That’s problem one: we don’t want it to end. It’s not just one of the best Star Wars shows ever made, it’s one of television’s best period. But while we don’t want it to be over, we also have a problem waiting for it to return. The writers and actors strikes delayed filming on the show. That’s why it’s not on our list of upcoming 2024 Lucasfilm releases. But Diego Luna gave a surprising update about the show’s production. He said he only has a week of shooting left which hopefully means it won’t be too long before Andor season two hits our screens.

Luna offered Variety an update on Andor while walking the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards. During the interview (which we first learned about at, Luna said he was flying back to London the next morning. There he has just seven days of shooting left on Andor.

That doesn’t guarantee all filming on the show will conclude in seven days. Even if it does, though, there’s obviously a whole lot of post-production work that will remain. With a whole galaxy far, far away worth of VFX to create, that could take a long time. But if you’re holding out hope Andor‘s second season will actually debut in 2024 like it was supposed to, we advise you to manage your expectations. Again, there’s still a lot of work and an entire process that must happen after primary filming is done. Let’s set our hearts on Andor season two coming in 2025, for now.

Cassian looking stressed in the Narkina 5 prison

We’re in no rush to see Andor end, but we are in a huge rush to see it return. It’s a real dilemma.