If we had to predict what Deadpool & Wolverine‘s box office total will look like we’d guess “all the money.” How close will we get with that prognostication? We’re about to start finding out, because tickets for Deadpool & Wolverine have now gone on sale. And Marvel Studios celebrated its big multiversal pre-sale with a new promo and a new poster for the highly-anticipated movie.

Deadpool & Wolverine tickets are now officially on sale everywhere movie tickets are sold. That’s one big step closer to letting fans see the oozing sexual chemistry between Wade and Logan. Another is this new teaser for the film, which actually reveals there’s slightly less sexual chemistry than we thought. (Though definitely not zero!)

Deadpool & Wolverine‘s new poster does confirm there’s still plenty of animosity between the two, though.

A Deadpool & Wolverine with the two of them engaged in a fight
Marvel Studios

Yeah, we’re sticking with “all the money.” And it’s a good bet on our end. Fandango has revealed that “Deadpool & Wolverine has broken Fandango’s best first-day ticket sales record for 2024. The film is also the best first-day pre-seller from the Deadpool franchise, surpassing the first day of ticket sales for Deadpool and Deadpool 2.”

Additionally, AMC’s CEO revealed that Deadpool & Wolverine has sold more day one tickets than any other R-rated movie in AMC’s history.

There you have it. Deadpool & Wolverine releases on July 26, so snag your tickets today.

Originally published on May 20, 2024.