Teenage animator Preston Mutanga has gained a lot of online fame for his LEGO recreations of popular TV shows and films. His work is so beloved that Marvel tapped him to create the LEGO sequence in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Surely, he’s still bragging to his family and friends about such an incredible opportunity. It is an Oscar-nominated animated film, after all. We also loved his recreation of the Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 trailer, and now he’s back again with a LEGO version of the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. Just imagine the awesome things he will continue to do in the future!

You can check out his LEGO Deadpool & Wolverine trailer below:

There are many reasons why Preston’s work is impressive. First, the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer hit the internet a little over a week before his recreation. That’s a quick turnaround for someone who also juggles life as a full-time student. Then, there’s the actual LEGO trailer itself, which really captures all the Deadpool and Wolverine goodness. Seeing Wolverine’s shadowy LEGO hands turn into claws is so much fun. We would honestly watch the whole film in LEGO form at this point. The comments under this video heap lots of praise on him, with one person deeming him the “LEGO Jesus.” This is both hilarious and true.

Deadpool & Wolverine trailer LEGO remake scene of Deadpool shooting
Preston Mutanga/YouTube

Surely, Deadpool would absolutely love to have a LEGO sequence of himself come to life. We know Ryan Reynolds does since he retweeted the original LEGO Deadpool & Wolverine teaser Mutanga made. Hopefully, we will see more of Mutanga’s work on the big screen in the very near future.

Until then, we are waiting for Deadpool & Wolverine to arrive in theaters on July 26.