Hugh Jackman? More like Hugh Backman. Back as Logan, that is. And when he returns he’ll help his buddy Wade Wilson do more than save a universe or two. He’ll help Wade set a personal onscreen record. Deadpool & Wolverine‘s listing from AMC Theaters says it will have a runtime of two hours and seven minutes. That unofficial length would mean it’s the Merc With a Mouth’s longest movie entry yet.

Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine in Deadpool and Wolverine
Marvel Studios

AMC Theaters now has an official page (which we first learned about at Collider) for Deadpool & Wolverine. It states the film clocks in at 127 minutes. (Great length! No notes!) That exceeds both the 1:48 length (108 minutes) of 2016’s Deadpool and the 1:59 runtime (119 minutes) for Deadpool 2. That extra space should allow for even more MCU and Fox X-Men era surprise cameos.

But we’ll also be fine if it just means more of Deadpool and Wolverine.