For fans of Hide & Seek and copious gore, few games of the last decade provide as much suspense and enjoyment as Dead by Daylight. The asymmetrical multiplayer experience puts four players hoping to escape unscathed against a fifth playing trying to kill them all. It’s a delight; a horrific, very butt-puckering delight. Well now you and your friends can bring that same level of murderous fun from the console to the table with Level 99 Games’ Dead by Daylight: The Board Game.

The game board, pieces, and box cover for Level 99 Games' Dead by Daylight: The Board Game.
Level 99 Games

Death is not an escape. Grab your flashlights, throw some pallets, and get ready to experience the thrills and chills. But in order to embark on this scary adventure, you’ll need to know how to play, right? Well lucky for you, Becca Scott is here with another edition of How to Play.

As a Survivor, plot your moves, coordinate with your allies, and repair generators to power the exit and escape.

As a Killer, anticipate the survivors’ movements and hunt them down to sacrifice on the Entity’s sacrificial hooks.

And if you’d like a bit more in the way of a tutorial, Becca has even more for you. In the latest edition of Game the Game, Becca welcomes special guests Hale Grande, Whitney Moore, and Michelle Nguyen-Bradley in a thrilling and chilling episode of Game the Game as they try to appease the monstrous entity and survive the night in equal measure.

Look like fun? Look like you might want to play this with your own friends? Dead by Daylight: The Board Game will release on April 30, but pre-orders are going now. Survive the night, or sacrifice your friends. What’s not to enjoy?

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