In an exciting update from James Gunn, we’ve learned that the DCU’s Creature Commandos series will be released in December on Max. Previously, the most we knew was that the series was eyeing a fall 2024 release. But now, we know for sure that Creature Commandos, the first official piece of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU, will arrive on Max in December 2024. So, it’s definitely time to get excited.

James Gunn's new animated Creature Commandos, coming to HBO Max.
Warner Bros. Animation/DC Studios

Gunn additionally shared that Creature Commandos would pick up directly from where the Peacemaker season one finale left off. The series will see Amanda Waller recruiting “a ragtag band of misfits” (and monsters) for her “clandestine morally questionable mission.” It seems characters from Creature Commandos will also appear in other DCU projects like Superman. And once these characters appear, they’ll carry the same history, actor, look, and more throughout their time in the DCU.

We can’t wait to see more from the series. For now, we just feel glad to know when we can expect Creature Commandos to release.