Sonic the Hedgehog is losing his teeth because people didn’t like how he looked in the trailer. Some Game of Thrones viewers want HBO to remake the last season so much they signed the world’s dumbest petition. We live in a world where fans are not shy about demanding their favorite properties are done “correctly,” especially those who love the galaxy far, far away. (Remember that definitely-still-gonna-happen fan remake of the billion dollar box office hit The Last Jedi?) But you would think Star Wars devotees would be wary of any kind of post-production tomfoolery after Han didn’t shoot first in the altered Special Editions. Now though, we finally have found a “fixed” (and absolutely hilarious) version of A New Hope we can get behind, because it re-imagines what Darth Vader would have really said and done after what happened in the prequels and Rogue One.

This hysterical video comes from one of our favorite YouTube channels, Auralnauts, which consistently make some of the funniest Star Wars videos on the internet. This time, using “the power of hindsight and a better understanding of the material than the original creators,” they’re giving us a more accurate, more informed Darth Vader, someone who actually knows what’s going on because he was there for everything that happened before.

Ah, foiled by a Sith Lord’s one weakness! A large door!

Also, while that recent modern edit of Vader and Obi-Wan’s duel might look better, what we like about this version is how much longer it is. What’s the rush, you know? Darth Vader should always take as much time as he needs, especially if he is going to carefully explain everything like he does in this “fixed” version.

Although, you really do need that deep bass voice to sell it.

There’s not a Star Wars fan alive who would ever want to redo Darth Vader’s voice.

We hope.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm