Nearly a century ago, Universal Pictures invented Hollywood’s cinematic horror film genre with their classic monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, the Mummy, and many more. And they all remain icons of horror cinema and Halloween to this day. Now, Universal Studios theme parks are finally giving these iconic classic monsters an immersive themed land of their own as part of the new Dark Universe, coming to Universal Epic Universe at the Universal Orlando Resort. We’re excited to share details and concept art for the attractions and themed areas of this creeptastic portion of the park, which debuts in 2025. Below you can see the “bat’s eye view” of the land in all its Transylvanian glory.

Concept art for Universal Orlando's Dark Universe, opening in 2025.
Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Epic Universe’s Dark Universe Land Celebrates the Universal Monsters

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Dark Universe is one of the five immersive worlds featured in Universal Epic Universe. This new land will envelop guests in monstrous adventures across various attractions, shops, restaurants, and character meet and greets. Dark Universe blends the iconic stories of Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and the Bride with a new generation of monsters. The new monsters coming to Dark Universe include Dr. Victoria Frankenstein – the great-great-granddaughter of Henry Frankenstein, who has continued his misguided experiments. As guests venture through the ravaged village of Darkmoor, they’ll encounter the characters and subjects of those experiments. All within a first-of-its-kind theme park environment. Concept art of the eerie Darkmoor village can be seen below, as well as the Universal Epic Universe’s Dark Universe attractions:

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment

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One of the rides we know is coming to Dark Universe celebrates the Universal Monster, Frankenstein. It’s titled Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment. This state-of-the-art dark ride takes guests deep into the catacombs of Frankenstein Manor. There, Dr. Victoria Frankenstein conducts her twisted experiments. In a vain display of her genius, she invites guests into her laboratory to witness a demonstration of her ability to control monsters. Yet her plans go awry when her attempts to control the most dangerous of monsters, Dracula, fail. Dracula unleashes a horde of enraged monsters. Guests are then thrust into an intense ride through the darkness. There, they try to evade the grasp of The Wolf Man, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Brides of Dracula, and others.

Curse of the Werewolf

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Deep in the woods that sit on the edge of Darkmoor, guests will find Curse of the Werewolf. This Universal Epic Universe Dark Universe ride is a spinning family coaster inspired by The Wolf Man. Guests will enter the encampment of The Guild of Mystics. Here, Maleva, the guild’s all-knowing seer and leader, will greet them. She warns them that they bear the mark of the werewolf. Guests then board a wagon and venture into the forest – racing to escape the werewolves before they become one themselves.

The Dark Universe’s Darkmoor Makeup Experience

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Guests of all ages can become fashionably monstrous as they don elaborate face paint and temporary tattoos at Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience. Here, monster makers have converted Dr. Pretorius’ infamous old lab into a parlor to continue the spirit of his demented experiments, and skilled artisans use their talents to transform guests’ outer appearances so they can showcase their fandom for the Universal Monsters as they traverse the Dark Universe land.

Meet the Universal Monsters at Epic Universe’s Dark Universe

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There’s always someone…or something…looming in the shadows of Dark Universe – including Universal Monsters eager to meet and greet everyone, from kids to adults. Among them are Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s Monster and the alluring Bride of Frankenstein. Guests will also encounter other unusual inhabitants roaming the eerie village, like Frankenstein’s servant, Ygor. In addition, The Invisible Man, an eccentric monster hunter, and a talented musician will regale guests with songs in this Universal Epic Universe land, not to mention tales of the classic Universal Monsters stories.

Dining and More at Universal Epic Universe’s Dark Universe

The Dark Universe will also feature Das Stakehaus, a vampire-themed dining hall, the Burning Blade tavern, inspired by the burning windmill from The Bride of Frankenstein, and Dr. Lacey’s Cottage, where the Frankenstein Monster once found a friend, and now is home to all sorts of treats. You can check out concept art images of those in the gallery above.

There’s already a link for merchandise from Dark Universe for monster fans who can’t wait to experience it for themselves. Dark Universe and the rest of Universal’s Epic Universe will open for business at the Universal Orlando Resort in 2025.