With D23 upon us, we’re very excited for all the Star Wars news we’ll learn this weekend. We already know The Mandalorian’s launch date and have some new, brief clips of The Rise of Skywalker. We’re hoping for another Episode IX trailer, Mandalorian footage, and the possible conformation of an Obi-Wan show. One thing we didn’t expect this weekend? Another stormtrooper to be revealed from Episode IX!

D23 Expo Display Reveals New STAR WARS Jet Trooper_1

Back in July, Lucasfilm premiered the sleek new look of the Sith Trooper, who must be on the Dark Side. Their red-colored uniforms are reminiscent of Emperor’s Royal Guards and Snoke’s Praetorian Guards, so we’re curious what Sith they’ll serve. What we didn’t expect, however, was for another stormtrooper rank to be revealed this weekend.

According to the D23 blog, the First Order Jet Trooper is on display for the first time in the Expo Hall. Standing beside the also new Sith Trooper, the Jet Trooper looms over excited guests. With a sleek design, a modified helmet, and markings on the chest plate, the Jet Trooper is looking fly. According to the blurb, this trooper is a specialized division of the First Order and uses rocket packs to fly. In ways, they’re pretty similar to the Clone Jetpack Trooper from Battlefront II and The Clone Wars.

However, this armor isn’t the first appearance of the Jet Trooper we’ve seen. In a blink-and-you’ll miss it clip, you can see the Jet Trooper soaring above an explosion in the Episode IX trailer. We’re guessing these troopers will be the ones ambushing Poe and C-3PO on their skiff. The inclusion of Jet Troopers must mean that the First Order is even more intent on squashing out the Resistance. However, with leaders like Rey, Poe, Finn, and General Organa, we’re pretty sure even Jet Troopers won’t stop the Resistance.

If you’re at D23, make sure to stop by the exhibit and check out all the Trooper uniforms! Rogue One’s Shore Trooper and Return of the Jedi’s Scout Trooper are also on display at the convention. Meanwhile, we’ll be studying these images intently as we wait for the Disney+ and Walt Disney Studio panels later on. 

Images: Disney, D23, Lucasfilm