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Get $50 off This Space-Grade STAR WARS-Like Light Saber

If you’re obsessed with Star Wars, then you know how valuable a good lightsaber can be. Since the French Fencing Federation finally ruled that lightsaber dueling is officially a real competitive sport, it’s time to up your game. A flashlight attached to the end of your mop won’t get you anywhere near The Force. 

The Cyber Blade, on the other hand, is the perfect weapon to fight droids and destroy evil emperors. You can take advantage of limited-time savings now — you can save over $50 on the Cyber Blade, bringing the cost down to just $144.95.

A man holding a blazing cyber blade from Cybertopia.


The Cyber Blade’s aerospace-grade aluminum hilt is precision milled using a CNC machine to create an ergonomic grip that feels comfortable to wield, lunge, and attack your opponents. While it doesn’t actually cut through steel, it does include some realistic sound effects, including switch, standby, swing, beat, and others. Each handle can project 11 different light colors with the push of a button. It also comes with a detachable, ultra-durable, battle-ready blade. Watch it in action:


The Cyber Blade is designed by Cybertopia, a platform that delves into the aesthetics of futuristic societies and the beauty of cyberpunk themes. Use it to practice your Jedi training by brushing up on traditional fencing moves, or reenact scenes from previous films. Feel the nostalgia and find your inner Luke Skywalker as you brandish this sophisticated collector’s item. The perfect gift for any Star Wars or cyberpunk enthusiast, they can use this to show off their laser sword skills during the next themed party. It also elevates Star Wars Halloween costumes up a notch. 

Whether you plan to make an impression at your next themed party, or you’re awaiting the moment when dueling with lightsabers becomes an Olympic sport, you’re sure to impress when you wield the Cyber Blade: Alpha Grip Light Saber. It comes with a charger, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery will stay charged through two to three hours of continuous playtime. Order one today and benefit from over $50 in savings through Nerdist, making the Cyber Blade: Alpha Grip Light Saber only $144.95


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Cyber Blade: Alpha Grip Light Saber – $144.95

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