Even after 50 years, the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction remains one of the best dark rides in theme park history, and is still a fan favorite. The first version opened at Disneyland in 1967, and since then, Disney has recreated it in all the other Disney parks around the globe. Now, it has been recreated again—this time in someone’s own home, with only120,000 LEGO bricks. The makers of this incredible LEGO build are brothers Joel and Jonathan Nueber, whose video they presented on the Beyond the Brick YouTube channel. And yes, this amazing LEGO build has real water. You can watch the full video right here:

The Nueber brothers mainly based their LEGO version of Pirates of the Caribbean on the one found in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The loading dock is similar to the one found there, which resembles an old Spanish Fort. The one at Disneyland has the name “Lafitte’s Landing,” named after the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte. But just about every famous scene found in the attraction found new life here in LEGO brick form. From the mysterious caverns with skeletal swashbucklers to the dreaded pirate ship The Wicked Wench. Yes, even the dog holding the key to the jail cell with the pirate prisoners is here.

The custom LEGO build of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride from the Disney Parks close up.
Beyond the Brick

After the video showing the complete ride-through, there’s a side-by-side comparison with the original Disney Parks ride. And you can see how they thought of just about every detail. We’d love to see the video timed to the original soundtrack of the attraction at some point. Although it’s a small thing, we kind of love that one of the passengers is an Imperial Stormtrooper. Maybe he’s a cast member who came over from the LEGO version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Now, we dare someone to make that in LEGO brick form! No really, we think that would be amazing. This LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean proved anything is possible.