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Critical Role Wants To Hear From YOU!

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Critical Role took to the stage last year in Los Angeles and at Gen Con to bring their adventure to a live audience. They’ve killed dragons, fought off death itself numerous times, and have managed to capture the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of fans. It was an amazing year for both the cast and the crew. We want to thank everyone who came to see them at conventions, bought a Critical Role t-shirt, or followed their adventures late into the night. And now, we need YOUR help again.
Critical Role wants to make this year even bigger and better than ever before. More conventions? More merchandise? More content about the team? This is the perfect time to make your voice heard, let us know what you want, or simply give your suggestions about what you want to see in the coming year. You have been there for every adventure, every laugh, and for a couple of tears. Let your voice be heard when it comes to events, items for sale, or what you want to see in the future.
All you need to do is to take this Critical Role Survey to let us know what you want.
Thank you and we’ll see you Thursday!

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