How do you fight back against your mortal enemy when he has his own dojo and is preparing a new generation of fighters? You open your own training center, name it after your late mentor, and offer lessons for free, which is what Daniel LaRusso does in the first trailer for Cobra Kai season two.

The never-ending battle between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence kicks up a notch with new recruits in the first look at the second season of the YouTube Premium original series. After season one ended with a Cobra Kai win at the All Valley Championships, along with the genuinely shocking return of one of the greatest ’80s villains of all-time, Daniel-san has decided to respond by opening up his own dojo. Named the Miyagi-Do after the late Mr. Miyagi, Daniel wants to train young martial artists who might be able to stand up against those under the tutelage of Johnny Lawrence, while also ruining his enemy’s business by undercutting him with a price point of zero. But fans of season one shouldn’t worry that a focus on dojo vs. dojo will mean any less family drama, because Robby looks like he’ll still be learning from his father’s greatest opponent.

This is a great trailer and we’re genuinely eager to see this eternal battle getting bigger, especially since it will include paying homage to Mr. Miyagi. And yet it’s those two brief shots of Martin Kove’s John Kreese that we’re most excited about. Johnny kept wavering between empathetic and detestable in season one, and seeing whether he can avoid falling entirely back to the dark side with Kreese back in his life and part of the dojo will be fascinating.

Although with Daniel offering free lessons, it might pay to listen to Kreese. That guy did build a dojo that is still viable 35 years later.

Written by Josh Heald (Hot Tub Time Machine), along with Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (Harold & Kumar), all episodes of season two will be available on April 24.

Featured Image: YouTube