Chris Pratt was recently asked what we might expect in the Super Mario Bros. 2 movie. But he didn’t limit his answer to just a second movie. No, Pratt is imagining a whole “Nintendo Cinematic Universe” on the horizon. Here’s what the actor had to say to ScreenRant:

Oh, man! There’s so much to explore. There are decades worth of [games] to explore, not only with Mario and Peach and Donkey Kong and Luigi and Bowser and Yoshi; that was teased at the end. But it just gets me so excited. I was such a Nintendo head growing up, so just thinking about how everything from Legend of Zelda to the entire Nintendo cinematic universe could be created and what that could look like for all of these characters that I love? I mean, there’s really no limit. We could talk about it for hours.

Chris Pratt teases Nintendo Cinematic Universe with Mario and Zelda characters

Could we see Zelda and Link in Super Maro Bros. 2? Probably not yet, but it sure sounds like it’ll be an option sooner rather than later. With a live-action The Legend of Zelda movie on the horizon, why not an animated one too? Nintendo has successfully brought its gaming universe to life with many crossovers, so it seems like a Nintendo Cinematic Universe is definitely in the cards.