For the first time since they fought alongside one another against the armies of Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, two members of Earth’s mightiest heroes have teamed up for another amazing crossover event. But this time they weren’t tasked with saving the entire universe from complete destruction. They just had to talk to each other about their upcoming movies. But even though Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland aren’t the most professional journalists we have ever come across, they are really good at making fun of the other one, which is much more entertaining to watch.

Sony brought together the two Avengers to help promote the studio’s two big summer flicks: Hemsworth’s Men in Black: International and Holland’s Spider-Man: Far from Home, which Sony co-produces with Marvel. The two actors sat down to ask each other about their movies, but it very quickly became less about learning anything about their new films and more about bragging/insulting the other one over their careers, performances, and Thor’s past and future roles in the MCU.

Serious question: how long would you have watched this delightful dual interview? If this were two hours long instead of two minutes, would you ever turn it off? Obviously not, which is why we would like Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth to do commentaries together for both of their movies. Let them make fun of one another and their performances in MIB: International and Far from Home. Who wouldn’t buy those Blu-rays?

As for the actual movies themselves, this might be the rare case where a great promo works against each film, because if the two films don’t quite live up to our expectations, we’re going to be thinking how much better each would be if Thor or Peter Parker showed up. (Not to help. Just to make fun of each other.)

Featured Image: Sony