We’ve been waiting for the MCU to announce Secret Wars for years. And every step of Phase IV seemingly brings us closer to that epic story. It could/would/will(?!) bring back the franchise’s most famous faces. However, if Disney is hoping to see Chris Evans return, it’ll have an easier time convincing him to rejoin as his other Marvel character. The former Captain America says he’s not that interested in reprising his role as Steve Rogers. Instead, he would love another chance to play the Fantastic Four‘s Johnny Storm.

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm as Fantastic Four
20th Century

Evans told MTV News (in an interview we first heard about at Variety) he doesn’t necessarily want to play America’s Captain again. The role of Steve Rogers is “precious” to him; he doesn’t want to “disrupt what a beautiful experience” it was to be the Avenger.

However, he’s not shutting the door on a superhero return. He’d just rather it be another part he once played. Evans said he’d be more likely to return if it meant giving his other Marvel character another chance to shine. Evans played the Human Torch twice on the big screen. He first starred as Johnny Storm in 2005’s Fantastic Four, then again in the 2007 sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer.

As Evans noted, those films came before Marvel “really found its footing.” (To say the least.) He “loved” the role, though and feels like his Human Torch “didn’t really get his day” to shine. (Right again!)

It wouldn’t make much sense for Evans to plays Johnny Storm in the MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four movie. As he notes it’s been a long time since he burned up the screen. He doesn’t have to star in that film, though. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness showed his character exists in a parallel dimension. And while John Krasinski played Earth-838’s Reed Richards, he might never play the character again. Evans’ Johnny could simply show up as a Variant from a parallel world.

We’ve been speculating about that exact possibility for years. The only issue is that no one from Marvel has approached Evans about doing that. Yet. Hopefully that will now change since he’s expressed his desire to get his flame on once more. Especially because it might be the easiest way to get him to agree to play Captain America again in Secret Wars.