First CHILD'S PLAY Teaser Teases Plenty of Chucky-Style Gore

Feb 8 2019 -- 6:25 AM

Toys have changed a lot over the last 30 years. Back in the '80s the only thing you had to worry about was whether or not a serial killer transferred his soul into your Good Guy doll. It was a simpler time. Now, as the first teaser for the the new Child's Play reboot shows, we've got to deal with Chucky dolls with artificial intelligence. As if they weren't scary enough already.

This first look at the film is half commercial/half terrifying promise of what's to come when Karen Barclay (played by Aubrey Plaza) gives an A.I. “Buddi” doll birthday gift to her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman). While this teaser doesn't cover exactly how the doll's artificial intelligence leads it to becoming a killer, it does offer a few hints at how much carnage this whole mess will lead to, and we can see the bodies really start to pile up. And in true Child's Play fashion, that looks to include some pretty gnarly (even funny) death scenes.

While still very much feeling like a Child's Play movie, it's clear the film is really leaning into the modern fear of what could go wrong when we lean too heavily into the artificial intelligence gambit. Below we have a previously released "commercial" for the Kaslan Corporation, where we see the spokesman talking about their new Buddi doll, also focused on the toy's incredible advancements.

You'd really think that after 30 years they would have figured out how to make sure our toys don't gain consciousness or a soul and try to murder us and everyone we love.

Directed by Lars Klevberg, and also starring Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) and Beatrice Kitsos (The Exorcist series), and Ty Consiglio (Wonder), the new Child's Play slashes into theaters this summer, on June 21, 2019.

Featured Image: Orion Pictures