There is no food quite like a chicken nugget. Those delicious and often crispy bites are a staple in many people’s food journeys, from McNugget Happy Meals as kids to a comforting lunch as adults. In fact, I’d say some of us have eaten so many nuggets that we are practically made of nuggets. But what if you actually became what you love to eat? How would you handle life as a human turned chicken nugget? That’s what the upcoming Korean series, aptly titled Chicken Nugget, will humorously explore when it hits Netflix. The trailer for Chicken Nugget is ridiculously and wonderfully funny.

Here’s the synopsis for Chicken Nugget:

A beloved woman suddenly turned into a Dakgangjeong (sweet & sour chicken) after entering a mysterious machine. This is only the beginning of a series of unpredictable events. A tearful and comic mystery of two men struggling to save their lover/daughter.

Well, that is certainly something. I have so many questions that need answers ASAPtually. What is up with that machine? Why does it turn people into a nugget, specifically? How will they keep this nugget lady from being eaten? I need to watch this right away.

If you thought the Chicken Nugget trailer was quirky, then you’ll really love the poster. You gotta love the look on her face and the aura around her as her man (or maybe he has an unrequited crush?!) and dad scream in shock. She is looking like a snack… literally.

Poster for Chicken nugget series  on netflix with strange trailer

What Is the Premiere Date for Netflix’s Chicken Nugget Series?


Chicken Nugget will hit Netflix on March 15

Originally published on February 15, 2024.