Get Messages on Your Own Encrypted Communicator with This DIY Kit

Relaying messages on your personal communicator sounds so much cooler than taking a phone call. It just does. Star Trek knew it, and since then, many fans have wished for a communicator of their own. And if it’s encrypted and uses publicly-available frequencies, that’s cool too!

Finally, the stars have aligned to bring you Chatter, a DIY encrypted wireless communicator. Plus, even more stars are probably aligned because this nifty device is on sale for $132.99. 

Chatter provides an opportunity to build your own communicator and correspond with a friend without anyone to spy on your chats. When you order, you’ll receive a kit with Chatter’s components, ready to assemble and put to use. It’s a great chance to flex your technical muscles if you want to 3D print a custom exterior shell or make other modifications. 

A laptop on a desk. Above it hover hands, one typing on said laptop the other holding a Chatter encryption device.

Once built, you’ll have two totally private texting devices. These communicators send messages across their own wireless network, which giant tech companies or faceless corporations can’t observe. You also don’t need a SIM card, a cellular network, or anything else. Chatter accesses open frequencies and sends encrypted messages, which can include text messages, emojis, and even memes.

Chatter is designed first as an educational tool. You or your favorite young STEM enthusiast can learn to create something new, and you’ll gain some technical skills along the way. You can uncover what LoRa means and how it works, learn to code, and load apps onto Chatter. Or, you might just discover how a soldering iron functions. Best of all, you’ll understand that information and communication aren’t restricted to what giant companies allow and observe. 

With this private, self-built communicator, seeing the subject of your convos ending up on internet ads will be the least of your worries. Get Chatter: DIY Encrypted Wireless Communicator on sale for $132.99 or over 10% off.

Prices subject to change

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