Steve Rogers’ journey came to an end in Avengers: Endgame, when, after returning the Infinity Stones to their rightful places in time, he decided to stay in the past where he could finally have a life with Peggy Carter. It wasn’t the ending every fan expected for someone so selfless, but after years of sacrifice and war, it was the one he deserved. It was Captain America’s chance to begin an all new life, something he had struggled to do many times in the MCU. Now his long and difficult path to that long-awaited dance with the love of his life has been memorialized in a moving tribute video that celebrates one of the silver screen’s greatest superheroes.

This video, titled “Start Over,” comes from the YouTube channel Secretly To Dream. It was inspired by Captain America’s advice to everyone after The Snap that they “gotta move on,” despite his inability to ever do that himself… right up until his final moment in the franchise, when he truly did move on. He moved away from war and embraced an actual life full of happiness and peace.

This homage is about much more than the destination of his story however. It also celebrates what made Steve Rogers the heart of the Avengers. It was that he always did what he thought was right, no matter the personal cost or danger. And it’s not seeing him with Peggy that makes this beautiful tribute so emotional, it’s how he got to that moment. Watching him pick himself up off the ground time and time again, no matter the opponent, odds, or pain he had suffered, reminds us that he earned his ending.

He was right when he always said he could “do this all day,” but we’re glad he didn’t have to.

Featured Image: Marvel