How Brendon Small Grew METALOCALYPSE Into Rock Odyssey GALAKTIKON (Exclusive)

You will never meet a casual fan of Metalocalypse, because they don’t exist. Lovers of Adult Swim’s animated series, which first premiered in 2006, about the insane life of the fictional metal band Dethklok, are completely and fully dedicated to the show and its legacy, with good reason. The show combined the totally absurd with the macabre, to create a dark, surprisingly poignant, always hilarious comedy that was both parody and homage. That’s why fans are also incredibly loyal to the man who wrote Dethklok’s music, musician and show creator Brendon Small. And while Metalocalypse said goodbye to Dethklok in a 2013 special, the band’s spirit has lived on with Small’s intergalactic rock solo albums featuring Dethklok members Gene Hoglan and Bryan Beller: Galaktikon and Galaktikon II: Becoming the Storm. Now you can get an inside look at how Dethklok helped give rise to Small’s ever-expanding world of kick-ass space rock, incredible music videos, and art over the last ten years, in the new short documentary, Galaktikon: Becoming the Storm. And we have your exclusive first look at it right here.“I’m very excited for folks to see this,” shared Brendon. “Galaktikon II marks my 10 year anniversary of making my first record: DETHALBUM I. I love working with these monster musicians, collaborating with great creatives for the live action Nightmare short film, and exploring the practical effects world. Combine this all with the Galaktikon Trade Paperback and you’ll see the culmination of a couple years of hard but very fun work!â€We’ve spoken to Small previously about his practical effects homage video for “Nightmare,” and about his previous documentary on how he made it, but there are more Nerdist ties with this new behind-the-scenes look.Jack Bennett, the director of the documentary who previously directed Brendon Small in Anthrax’s video for “Blood Eagle Wings,” has directed and produced every single episode of both of Scott Ian’s Nerdist shows, Bloodworks and Blood and Guts. And Justin Cruse, the director of photography for Galaktikon: Becoming the Storm, was also the DP for both shows as well, even co-producing on Bloodworks episodes. (You can see all the episodes of Bloodworks and Blood and Guts here.)These connections are no surprise, really. Between Metalocalypse, a hilarious and dark cartoon about a kick-ass heavy metal band; and Galaktikon, a rocking space odyssey that continues to produce amazing art, music, and videos (which you can find at the Galaktikon website) that look like John Carpenter’s special effects team made them, Brendon Small isn’t just in our wheelhouse; he might be our wheelhouse.Actually, if he kept making expanding Galaktikon AND brought back Metalocalypse, that would definitely be our wheelhouse.