Black Widow is finally coming to us via theaters and streaming on July 9. The film has been long overdue and now Marvel is hyping fans up with tidbits into its action. A new clip from Black Widow doesn’t give much away in terms of the story of course; however, we get to see Natasha and her sister argue and insult each other in the face of danger.

There’s someone on a motorbike chasing Natasha and Yelena with an automatic weapon in hand. Natasha is trying to get the SUV moving but it’s a bit harder with Yelena in her ear. They finally drive away from the scene with the motorbike murderer hot on their tail. Yelena asks Natasha if she has a plan because, well, she’s probably doesn’t want to get shot.

Natasha reveals her master plan and it’s not a great one: to drive away. Yep, that’s the plan, and honestly, it’s about all she can do in the spur of the moment. Yelena tells her that her plan sucks but it doesn’t turn out bad at all. Natasha whips the vehicle around in time for Yelena to open the door and allow it to hit an object. It goes flying right into the biker, knocking her off and allowing them to get away… for now.

Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova stand before fiery wreckage in a moment from Black Widow.


For those who aren’t familiar with Yelena Belova, she is a Marvel comic character. She got her training in the Red Room as a teenager and became Black Widow after Natasha. In fact, she was sent to kill Natasha before they became allies. In this film, however, it looks like they will be on each other’s side as sisterly companions the entire time. With the same training background, we cannot wait to see big fight scenes and how they will argue under pressure like siblings should do.