How do we think the Avengers celebrate the holidays? Do they gather for Yuletide drinks and shawarma? Do they exchange gifts, Secret Santa-style? Is there some sort of awkward office party at the Avengers Facility? While our guesses are probably the stuff of fanfiction, Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch got in on the fun in a new interview with MTV‘s Josh Horowitz, where he picked out Christmas presents for his fellow superheroes.

“Thor needs a big hug, he’s really traumatized,” Cumberbatch said of the beefy Asgardian, who lost his entire planet in Thor: Ragnarok and his brother Loki in Avengers: Infinity War. Cumberbatch also said he’d gift Bruce Banner a wellness retreat (“somewhere calming”), Steve Rogers a time machine (so he could reunite with Peggy), Loki “better sideburns,” Tony Stark “a little bit of oil” just to freshen up the Iron Man suit, and for Wanda Maximoff, a dating profile after losing her love, Vision, in Infinity War. “Maybe it’s a bit too soon, but you know, she’s gotta live her life and Vision would want that for her.”The Doctor Strange actor recently lent his voice to The Grinch, the latest big-screen adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s classic holiday novel How The Grinch Stole Christmas, where he played the titular gifts-snatching green guy, so he probably knows a thing or two about presents. We’d say he mostly nailed his picks, although poor Wanda may disagree.

Image: Disney/Marvel