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Become A Rock Star In This Road Trip LARP

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This LARP goes to 11. Roleplaying has many facets, but always has an element of living in a fantasy, or something different from you. Vampires, werewolves, elves or even post-apocalyptic survivors are the easy ones. What if you could blur the line between LARP and vacation? Would you be Nathan Explosion from Dethklok or Nigel from Spinal Tap?

Created by Imagine Nation Collective (Dystopia Rising and more) and Dziobak LARP Studios (College of Wizardry), Road Trip is the first rock-star LARP I’ve ever seen. You’ll be creating characters, or more, personas, that will play the band, the road crew, the managers, the family, bouncers… or whatever else you can think of—and then go on a road trip.

You’ll be an actual rock band on tour from Chicago to Santa Monica driving along Route 66. Each night, the organizers will book venues to perform at. Live. That sounds scary for some, but being one of the band members isn’t a requirement. If you know how to rock on an instrument, you’ll have plenty of practice time according to the organizers. The internet is a wonderful thing these days and getting a drummer in Florida to swap notes with a bassist in Chicago is possible. Hell, no matter what happens at the first gig, good or bad, it’s all going to roll into the game. Characters creation is before the event, and the storyline (with its inevitable plot lines) will unfold and tie in the characters backstories.


Full immersion is the name of the game in this LARP; just like in any of either studios’ gaming portfolio. So you might get roadie or stagehand experience along the way. The most insane thing about this entire idea is that you’ll be on a road trip along Route 66. Gaming and music aside, this puts a new spin on destination LARP. Can you imagine being in character at some local greasy spoon with an entire crew? Or making a manager character and trying to negotiate for green M&M’s from a hotel?

Like all LARP’s however, it still is a game. The music is real; the dancing is real, and the pit stops will be real. But Dziobak and Imagine Nation are knowing for putting on big events, and there are surprises for the players with a storyline bound to unfold. The big storyline will always be the shenanigans of players because that player agency is what makes games interactive. Even I wonder what happens if you get two bands in this LARP. Could they compete? What happens if the band loves what they do and becomes a really real one? Once you reach the end of the road trip, the game is over and normal life resumes.

No matter what happens, you still get a road trip out of it; one which combines music, gaming, and travel. The contact info, event info, and all the details can be found here after the official announcement. If you’ve got questions, feel free to email the staff.

I for one would love to play a Norwegian Metal Lighting Guru. Put my concert lighting skills to use and get scream activated lighting everywhere.

What kind of rock band road trip character would you choose to be? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: Imagine Nation Studios

Image Credits: Metalocalypse (Adult Swim)

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