If there’s a crafting craze almost anyone can appreciate, it has to be the book nook. A book nook is a little diorama that is nestled between your tomes. They typically feature settings from your favorite stories, like Diagon Alley. Simple foam and paint make up some book nooks; others are mini masterpieces that add softly glowing light to your shelf. All are crafted with a deep love for reading.

Haunted Mansion Book Nook

Matt Maldonado

We first told you about these shelf inserts back in 2018 when a Japanese artist turned his book collection into a stunning dimly lit alleyway. And earlier this year, an incredible Mount Doom book nook made us feel like we were in Mordor. (Which is a good thing in this case.) We love book nooks so much we wanted to feature a few more. Settle in for maximum coziness and take a look at these wildly creative book nooks.

Spooky Nooks

We have to get one mention of spooky season in here, and Matt Maldonado’s Haunted Mansion book nook captures everything we love about Halloween. Is this mini mansion actually haunted? With constantly moving parts, unsettling doors, and your favorite characters from the classic Disneyland attraction, this book nook is on another level. And did we mention it’s all triggered by pulling out a single book on the shelf? In other words, this is a work of art.

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For a completely different take on the book nook, artist Tom Taggart’s inserts are nothing short of dazzling. Your favorite monsters like the Creature From the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein’s Monster seem just about ready to burst through your books. Gloriously creepy details make these inserts truly eye-catching. Taggart offers these book nooks for sale on his Patreon. Lend your support if you’re dying to jump scare your unsuspecting guests the next time you have company.

Up Your Alley


Etsy seller Techarge offers mini scenes from Italy in their book nook shop that are so realistic you can practically feel the summer night breeze. If you know you’re not the crafty type, you can place an order for a complete book nook that’s already assembled. All you have to do is pick a spot on the shelf, insert the batteries, and your little corner of heaven is complete.

I made a booknook for a Christmas gift, my inspiration was Blade Runner. It’s larger than ones we have see, it’s 11″ x 6″. from r/booknooks

Redditor Poullafouca made a Blade Runner inspired shelf insert for a lucky friend. The neon-lit city alley simply unbelievable. Almost a foot tall, it’s a larger construction than most, but no details were left out of the jaw-dropping diorama. From the colorful graffiti on the wall to the flashing neon signs, this book nook is truly stunning. If you’re curious how they did it, the creative gift-giver chronicled the DIY slice of the future just for you.

Actually Do It Yourself

Ready to make your own book nook and you don’t have any fancy cutting tools or 3-D printers? No problem. Charismatic crafter Rachel Maksy takes you through every step of the process from shopping to building with an easy to follow walkthrough. Make a book nook that puts mysterious jungle ruins on your bookshelf, or find the inspiration to make your own with her tips and advice.

Featured Image: Matt Maldonado

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