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“Be Stealthy, Like a Ninja!” with Stranger Things D&D Character Sheets

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As you’re all probably aware by now, Stranger Things is coming back August 31st! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait that long for more Stranger Things spookiness. To help us wait for the show to return, we’ve decided to make DnD5e PCs out of our favorite characters from the show. As always, these sheets are intended as inspiration for any parties ready to play as their favorite characters, not as the law for how these characters must be played. If you think a character would go a different way, let us know why in the comments!


Dustin is our first PC for Stranger Things DnD. In the first episode, Dustin argued hard for casting a protection spell instead of attacking the Demogorgon in their campaign. In his real life, Dustin also leans towards support, arguing to keep his friends together rather than choosing which friend is right. For this reason, I made Dustin into my ultimate support class, a Bard. Dustin focuses on friendship and togetherness rather than being right or winning, so we’ve given him healing and friendly spells. As any good bard, however, Dustin is equipped with one-liners that can do some damage if he uses Vicious Mockery. Although we’ve made Dustin a human here, he does play as a dwarf in his own DnD campaign, so consider making him a dwarf in your game.



Lucas is our next PC. Although Lucas plays as a knight in his DnD campaign, his maneuverability through the woods and use of a slingshot for his attacks led us to make him a ranger here. Lucas is logical and pragmatic, tending to lean towards explanations that align with the laws of physics. This is why he is the last of his friends to believe El has special powers or that Will is a ghost/trapped in another dimension. Due to his pragmatism, we’ve made Lucas a lawful good character. His weapon of choice in the show is the slingshot and, luckily, DnD includes a sling in its weapons chart! Since Lucas made sure to follow his compass and discover the facility Eleven escaped from, you want to make sure you give Lucas the Investigation skill when you play.



Mike is the DM of the Stranger Things troop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make him a PC. Since Mike spends the first season both trying to help rescue his friend and simultaneously help Eleven, we chose to make him neutral good. Mike tries to be a warrior and a protector simultaneously so we made him a paladin who takes the Oath of Devotion. By now, you’ve probably noticed that Dustin, Lucas, and Mike all have the Sage background, to represent the depth of their nerdy knowledge. Finally, although Mike does not wield a weapon in the show, his strong will to fight for those he protects made me feel like, if he could, he’d choose a greatsword for his weapon.



We don’t see too much of Will during the first season since the entire story revolves around his friends rescuing him from the Upside Down. Yet, we do get some clues towards Will’s character. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things season one yet: 1. What are you doing here? and 2. Major spoilers ahead! In the opening episode of the show, Will is unsure whether to cast a fireball or a protection spell, going back and forth depending on which of his friends seems the most convincing. Will is able to survive the Upside Down, but does not help Barb to do the same. Finally, after Will is saved he acts happy, but hides that he has been changed due to his time there. All of this added up to us making Will a true neutral Rogue with an Outlander background (he is an Outlander to the Upside Down, after all).



Eleven (Elle) is the one actually superpowered character in this show. Her primary power, biokinesis, allows her to control bodily functions of creatures around her. She can use this to freeze her friends in their tracks, make a bully pee his pants, and kill people by making them bleed from every orifice. You know, the basics. Sometimes her powers work in ways Elle doesn’t intend, making a Wild Magic Sorcerer the perfect choice for this PC. She does intend to be good, even if sometimes she does the wrong action in pursuit of that intent, so, like many sorcerers, Elle is chaotic good. We kept Elle at a lower level for now, but as you go through the campaign she can become a real powerhouse. I can just imagine a level 20 Elle using Power Word Kill or Chain Lightning when pushed too far.


And that’s our first round of Stranger Things DnD! Did you agree with our choices? What character sheets should we make next? Let us know in the comments!

Character Sheets Created by: Ailea Merriam-Pigg

All Images Credited to: 21 Laps Entertainment

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