We associate very few things with Batman more than his slick ride, the Batmobile. While there have been many, many iterations of the Batmobile over the decades, a few specific Batmobiles have risen to the top as the most iconic. And now, DC is releasing a series of commemorative pins celebrating the Dark Knight’s legendary vehicles via the DC Shop. You can check out images of these new pins and their creative packaging in our gallery below:

This new limited-edition Gotham City Classics Batmobile pin set comes packaged inside the stylized wheel with hubcap in a set of five (5) collectible enamel pins. Each pin is black nickel plated. There are moving wheels on the Batmobiles and a glow-in-the-dark feature with the Batman Forever Batmobile. The fan-favorite Batmobiles included in this set include the one from the Batman TV series (1966), Tim Burton’s Batman (1989), Batman: The Animated Series (1992), and Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever (1995).

Batman Gotham City Classics Batmobile Exclusive Limited Edition Pin Set Batmobiles inside the box.
DC Comics

The fifth pin in this set is a chase limited-edition of 495. It’s the Batmobile Communicator from the 1989 film, which slides out the “microphone.” There is also a special super chase pin of the fifth pin. That one is a limited edition of 5—a gold version of the Batmobile Communicator from Tim Burton’s 1989 film, which slides out the “microphone.” Below are the specifications for each separate pin in the set.

Batman (1966) Batmobile: H: 0.78” W: 2.75”
Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) Batmobile: H: 0.66” W: 2.875”
Batman: The Animated Series (1992) Batmobile: H: 0.55” W: 2.75”
Batman Forever (1995) Batmobile: H: 1.12” W: 3” (glow-in-the-dark)
Batmobile Communicator: H: 1.89” W: 1.06”
Gotham City Classics Batmobile pin set box: 12” x 12” and about 2” deep
Gotham City Classics Batmobile pin set box weight: 1 lbs.

The pin set can be yours for $175.00, at you can order them now at the DC Shop.